Monday, May 7, 2007

Web 2.0 Awards

I saw some old friends here: Flickr, Library Thing, etc. After viewing some of the other categories, I can definitely say you've given us the best of the best.

I explored some new categories--Travel and Events. I was especially intrigued by the Travel category. Kayak, put all discount travel sites together in one place--a real boon for comparison shopping. Travbuddy, was a nice site for sharing travel experiences thru unbiased travel reviews. Tripmojo,, did a real fine job of comparative pricing of hotels. The Wayfaring site, was beyond me.
I might suggest the Kayak site to someone who wanted to do comparisons. I'd personally use Tripmojo.

In the area of Events, I couldn't link to The link was broken. brought up poor results. But I really liked Eventful, I searched dog shows for the Bellevue area. It came up with some wonderful (and weird) competitions in the surrounding area, not just Bellevue. It also is a site I might use for event info.

The key here was ease of navigation and familiarity. I did check out the categories of Books and Personal Organization. Nothing can hold a candle to and I thought the Personal Organization sites didn't have much imagination. was the only one that looked even halfway inviting.

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